Keys to Successful Students

How To Make Every Student A Successful Student

The 3 P’s are incredibly powerful – but they’re hard to grow across a large, diverse student population. So we built the Learning Relationship Management (LRM) system to scale the traits of successful students to every student. Here’s how it works:

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Things Your Students Need To Succeed

After spending years running programs for military veterans returning to school, we’ve identified the keys to have the most successful students:


Every admitted student is assigned a coach to help them define a purpose and pathway for their education, setting them up for success from Day 1


Once enrolled, coaches can ensure students are on track to hit their goals, recommend learning apps to build key skills, and connect students to the right mentors for their objectives


Students can track their own progress, proactively access resources, communicate with coaches and mentors, and even become mentors themselves to the next cohort of students


Along the way, students build a portfolio of competencies developed, allowing for employers to find the perfect candidate and for students to achieve their purpose

What Does A Successful School Look Like?

The result of helping every student succeed is that schools succeed too.


Admitted students with a purpose and a path are more likely to enroll.


Students with clear goals, good plans, and strong support rarely drop out.


Students with a strong career objective are more likely to achieve it.