Wally Boston, CEO, American Public University System
“We are taking steps to further improve success, particularly among new students in high-enrollment gateway courses. In 2014, we completed a successful pilot of the new ClearPath Learning Relationship Management (LRM) System, a social media tool that fosters engagement and collaboration. The results: ClearPath users, on average, completed the enrollment and transfer credit process at a higher rate, had lower withdrawals and drops, exhibited a higher GPA in their initial courses, and registered for subsequent classes earlier than those in the larger student population.”
Dr. Susan J. Wegmann, Associate Dean of Digital Learning and Innovation University Assessment Coordinator, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
“I started a new job in which they had already chosen Fidelis as an LMS for our Competency-Based Education programs. At first, I was not convinced that we needed a “special” software, but I decided to learn more about the CBE landscape and how to implement it before deciding which software to use. Fast forward two years, and I have become increasingly convinced that Fidelis, which offers lightning-fast user support and the ability to see where all students are working at once, is the best solution for our needs. With a bit of orienting, our students and faculty like the system, and we continue to uncover different innovative ways to administer content and provide for student success through Fidelis.”
Caroline Simpson, VP of Student Services, American Public University System
“Most colleges would say that the student has always been central to their efforts, but I am not sure that any of us had as clear a way to demonstrate that to students. LRM helps us show students that they take center stage.”
Tammi Cooper, Ph.D.
“Your product has the potential to really revolutionize how institutions think about education. So many schools are just beginning to consider how they could offer a full CBE program like we are working on.”
Amy Rager, Student and Alumni Affairs Liaison, American Public University
“When it comes to learning relationship management platforms, Fidelis more than delivers. They make coordinating out-of-class student success a breeze. Fidelis takes the time to understand who we are as a company and offers us amazing opportunities to assist our students, faculty, and staff. I wholeheartedly recommend Fidelis to everyone I know.”
Tesha Graham

“The Fidelis learning platform has been absolutely a life-saver! As a coach, it is very apparent that the system was designed with the coach role in mind. The coach design was one of the main reasons our institution opted to partner with Fidelis. It allows me to do my job efficiently, in real-time which allows me to quickly respond to student needs/inquiries. Everything I need to function as a coach is embedded in the system.

I thoroughly enjoy working with the Fidelis staff – they are phenomenal! The personal, one-on-one meetings with the President have been tremendously helpful. Whenever I have a question, Luke quickly responds. oftentimes within minutes or the same hour! The personal approach and guidance from the Fidelis team has always been superb. They are always willing to help and go above and beyond to provide tips to enhance my role. The customer service is simply impeccable.”


“LRM will rise as a new category to make online and blended learning, competency-based learning, and the unbundling of the university far more fruitful and productive for learners, educational institutions, and employers.”

Tom Vander Ark, CEO + Founder, Getting Smart
“Learning relationship management is an emerging category that has the potential to solve critical problems–attrition, skills gap, and powering lifelong learning.”
Brian Fleming - Senior Analyst, Eduventures
“LRM is not only an interesting product or integration option to watch, but also a movement any institution serious about academic innovation should join.”

“If I were to launch a CBE program today, no doubt I would use Fidelis.”